Lab News

[11/17/2020] Congratulations to Ziyi for receiving “Honors in Thesis Research”. We are so excited for you!

[05/07/2020] Hanrui has won the Irving H. Page Junior Faculty Research Award sponsored by the American Heart Association ATVB Council.

Thanks the team, our collaborators, funding support from the NIH/AHA/The Russell Berrie Foundation, and the AHA ATVB community!

[04/20/2020] The lab has received a 5-year R01 (2020-2025) to explore novel regulators of macrophage efferocytosis discovered by genome-wide CRISPR screens.

[12/03/2019] Congratulations to Fang for receiving an American Heart Association Postdoctoral Fellowship!

[09/01/2019] Dr. Xun Wu, recipient of The Russell Berrie Foundation Scholar Award, joined the lab as a Postdoctoral Scientist.

[08/23/2019] Congratulations to our summer undergraduate student researchers!

Thanks our undergraduate interns for their contributions this summer! @ Raneem Hamad (Columbia College Summer Fund), Jeana Chun (Recipient of Grossman Family Internship Fund), Annie Rozenblyum (Barnard Summer Research Institute Scholarship), and Yolanda Baptiste (Fellow of the NERA Program).

[05/16/2019] Fang has received an ATVB Travel Award for Young Investigators and an Outstanding Poster Award ! @ Vascular Discovery 2019 Scientific Sessions in Boston, MA.


[11/15/2018] Dr. Fang Li joined the lab as a Postdoctoral Scientist.

[07/01/2018] Lab officially starts! And Jianting Shi joined the lab!